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The Importance of Face-to-Face Recruitment in the Digital Age

November 30, 2018  /
Face-to-face Recruitment

There’s a lot of talk in recruitment about Artificial Intelligence short-listing, algorithms that find buzzwords in CVs, and Skype or FaceTime interviews. I can see why. I use appropriate technology all the time. Still, recruiters look for efficiencies, encouraging their people to do more phone interviews, saving costs on interview rooms, physical office locations and […]

6 tips taken from my exercise knowledge to boost energy, performance and productivity in the office

May 16, 2018  /
exercise productivity

As many of you know, outside of recruitment I have a huge passion for exercise, health and wellbeing. When I am not recruiting I am training, playing sport, or reading about health, exercise science and nutrition. My two worlds connect in some ways – both are interested in performance. As a qualified personal trainer and […]

Top 5 General Tips for Writing your Sales CV

January 10, 2018  /

  January is a time when many think about looking for a new role and many of you will be now working on updating your CV. We see hundreds of CV’s and have the benefit of seeing firsthand what employers like and dislike about resume’s. To help you see the best results from the applications […]

7 Top Questions to Ask in Sales Interviews

November 17, 2017  /
sales interview questions

Do you have interviews on the horizon to grow your sales team? Are you looking for ideas around interview format and questioning?  Asking the right questions is paramount in the relatively short period of time you have to make an assessment as to whether you have found your next hire.  We have have heard some […]

Christmas!!!? I hear you say….Starbucks festive favourites are out today and so the countdown begins…

November 6, 2017  /
Christmas Recruitment

I don’t mind admitting that Christmas is the one time in the recruitment calendar year that I put my feet up. Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, travelling home for Christmas, time off with the family – it commonly becomes the focus in the markets that we serve (and quite rightly so).  I look forward to a […]

What are you waiting for?

September 26, 2017  /
what are you waiting for

If you don’t act now……   We were at a business coaching session the other month, again expertly delivered by Philippa Reader of Shirlaws.  The subject matter – the importance of taking action and embracing change.   Consider the scenario – the same scenario we were given.  You are a business owner/director/leader/manager of a team […]

Commute vs Productivity

May 24, 2017  /
commute vs productivity

This article came up in my LinkedIn feed yesterday – a happy coincidence and timely as I attended an event last week (a very good one, blog to follow) held in our great Capital.  As I say, the event was great but the journey not so much and this is the topic of my thoughts… […]

Are you hiring sales talent only from your industry? Our data would suggest that it might not be the best strategy

April 5, 2017  /
hiring industry talent

A source of frustration to job seekers is the continued prevalence of industry preference when it comes to hiring to a role by a sales leader, or a business’s HR team. In taking briefs, hiring decision makers will describe the motivation of shortlisting industry experience only as minimising risk, bringing a contact book or relevant […]

Basic salaries in sales – the age old debate but has the credit crunch changed things?

March 29, 2017  /
basic salaries

It’s the age-old debate, low basic vs high basic and the correlation between sales hunger, drive and activity levels. Some of the Sales Directors we support passionately believe that low basic salaries but strong commission structures are the answer to deliver great team results. Others believe that low basics deliver negative pressures and sometimes compromising, […]

Resgister your interest in our market Snapshot and salary survey

September 30, 2016  /  Andrew James
Sales Market Snapshot

Andrew James Recruitment is pleased to offer a complimentary snapshot of the marketplace for sales professionals, where our aim is to share our industry knowledge with a view to supporting you with your hiring decisions and resource planning.  To give you context to our findings, Andrew James works across different sectors with a focus on geography and […]

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