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Starting a recruitment process in December – Madness, or actually, quite sensible?

November 30, 2023  /

  As we approach December, many would be forgiven for thinking that now is not the best time start a recruitment process. On the face of it, at this time of year, that would make sense. I have come to expect (and enjoy) the inevitable slow down that comes around Christmas, as we get closer […]

Tips for smashing competency based interviews

April 24, 2023  /

Over the last few quarters, we have delivered to several retained campaigns which has as part of the service, included our participation in the competency interview stages of the hiring processes. We regularly competency interview, but to do so in the company of our clients has been a particularly enjoyable experience. It has also offered […]

Is it important that your recruitment partner is a member of the REC?

January 31, 2023  /

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is the professional body for the recruitment industry, committed to providing the highest of standards within the recruitment industry. But is it important that your recruitment partner is a member? I think so! To become a member, a recruitment business must: 1) Have been trading in the UK for […]

“Quiet quitting” and now “loud quitting”. The new buzzword!

January 19, 2023  /

Towards the end of 2022, when I was gathering data for my end of quarter snapshot, I was fascinated to learn of a general sense of discontent. The consensus was much higher levels of ER issues across the surveyed population’s businesses. It seems that the challenging circumstances that we all face in life right now […]

2022, what a year! Does 2023 represent the calm after the storm?

December 20, 2022  /

  Often at this time of year, HR professionals reflect on the year that has past and turn their attention to the year that will come. I recently completed my latest snap shot and the timing of this edition is always insightful. The interviews that I conduct at this time of year offer a sneak […]

The HR Jobs Market Place in 2022, as we saw it

December 14, 2022  /

The HR jobs market on the face of it in 2022 was great. Our business enjoyed a very strong performance and our revenue comes from filling HR roles. It must have been good then?! For sure, it was noticeable that there was a release of pent-up demand after the pandemic. 2022 generally did see a […]

Retirement – do we need a rethink?

October 27, 2022  /

An emotive and potentially controversial topic, but this blog is blue sky crazy thinking… hear me out: As specialist recruiters who recruit into HR departments and Human Capital Management related solutions business, we observe with great interest trends relating to these two spaces. As a by-product of servicing these marketplaces, we talk every day to […]

Head of Administration – New Retained Appointment

October 18, 2022  /

Andrew James Specialist Recruitment is delighted to be retained by Grenke Leasing in the UK, to manage the search for, and assist with the selection of a new Head of Administration.   Headquartered in Guildford, Surrey, GRENKE Leasing is a specialist Sales Aid Leasing company. Grenke partner globally with many leading equipment manufacturers and resellers […]

Becoming a HRD – Lessons from interviews, Part 3

October 4, 2022  /

As I write this, we are about to launch, on the 3rd October, another retained campaign to hire a board level Director position for one of our valued clients. We’ve been retained by several clients to fill their senior HR positions this year and we have delivered to some executive Director, board level requirements. The […]

Solve your cost of living crisis by moving jobs? Yes, but …

July 6, 2022  /

Everyone is very aware of the cost of living crisis and it is fair to say that we are all feeling the pinch. Inflation is at 9% (likely to be 11%) and as an inevitable consequence, individuals are looking to earn as much as they can. At Andrew James Recruitment Specialist Recruitment, we see this […]

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