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Is it important that your recruitment partner is a member of the REC?

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is the professional body for the recruitment industry, committed to providing the highest of standards within the recruitment industry. But is it important that your recruitment partner is a member? I think so!

To become a member, a recruitment business must:

1) Have been trading in the UK for at least one year, OR

2) Be owned or operated by one or more individuals, with more than one year of experience working in the recruitment industry

3) Register with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

4) Adhere to the REC’s Code of Professional Practice. Link here

5) Take and pass the REC Compliance test.

Particularly around points 3, 4 and 5, I can imagine this must inspire confidence and peace of mind with our customers. Being a member of the REC demonstrates that we strive to deliver the right people, every time, for our customers; we care about what our customers do. Our level of professionalism is unmatched.

As a member of the REC, I also value their Legal support and guidance. I have seen pretty much everything in my career, but things can always surprise me. It is good to know that a sounding board is there.

But it’s not just about the legal requirements, I want to be running my business with high ethical standards. We reflect REC values of being honest, to be respectful of others; always act with integrity and be socially responsible. I’m not afraid to continue to learn and improve practise if needed. Taking tests is also cool with me, I have nothing to hide.

I would love to know if this is important to people out there. Is it a consideration when you look for a recruitment partner?

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