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Recruiting into your HR Team in 2022 – what to expect

The HR recruitment market is buoyant right now. It is noticeable that there is good levels of new opportunity being created by the marketplace.

At the same time, there is a lot of movement. The pandemic has made many reflect. Some have made radical changes, we have seen early retirement and people leaving the profession in our network (after all, HR professionals were very busy through 2020 and 2021).

Add to this now the cost of living and the cost of business squeeze, we are also seeing people apply to roles and register as available for new opportunity to improve their financial situation.

Where does leave us – with a competitive market if you are hiring!

So, if you are recruiting into your HR team (or you are about to), what can you expect?

  • Salary: If you are going to go to market with a below market level salary, it is going to be close to impossible to recruit. Whilst people value flexibility and hybrid working, keep in mind that many who have made changes to their lives have made fundamental life and profession changes. Therefore, the active talent in the marketplace is actually quite salary focused right now.
  • Notice periods: We are continuing to see no negotiation here. Employers know that it is relatively hard to hire so they are not releasing people early. Plan for this and expect it!
  • Make your process fast and efficient. It is likely that applicants will have multiple offers to consider. Don’t be slow to get your cards on the table. Plan the process, engage your stakeholders and make it happen quickly.
  • Counter-offer: Expect it, it I happening more often than not. Offer with as much strength as you can and make sure you are engaging in the emotion of this situation with your chosen applicant. A good recruitment partner will be doing this for you (we always cover this with people entering processes). It is important to be aware of and to plan for.
  • Don’t wait for comparisons. We have seen businesses lose good people as they look to see a comparison. You will likely only lose engagement from someone who is right for your role, comparisons are not likely to be readily available – act and secure!
  • Plan onboarding. Until a contract is signed, no deal is 100% done. The reality is roles are likely to be taken to people regularly. Make sure your offer letter and contract arrives quickly after offer, roll out the red carpet and keep in regular touch with your hire. Do not lose engagement as their heads will likely otherwise turn!

No rocket science, but a useful insight we hope to help you get your team in place and effective.

If you are hiring into your HR team now and you could use our help, feel free to get in touch.

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