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“Quiet quitting” and now “loud quitting”. The new buzzword!

January 19, 2023  /

Towards the end of 2022, when I was gathering data for my end of quarter snapshot, I was fascinated to learn of a general sense of discontent. The consensus was much higher levels of ER issues across the surveyed population’s businesses. It seems that the challenging circumstances that we all face in life right now […]

The HR Jobs Market Place in 2022, as we saw it

December 14, 2022  /

The HR jobs market on the face of it in 2022 was great. Our business enjoyed a very strong performance and our revenue comes from filling HR roles. It must have been good then?! For sure, it was noticeable that there was a release of pent-up demand after the pandemic. 2022 generally did see a […]

The Accelerated Adoption of Digital HR

July 5, 2021  /

Our next HR snap shot is out next week. We interview 50 HR leaders each 1/4 to learn about their focuses, key issues and plans. The snap shot identifies trends and reports back on findings, giving the HR community we hope a unique insight to current considerations and a useful thought leadership tool. This issue […]

How has home working affected sales processes and cycles?

April 14, 2021  /

  It has it been fascinating to learn how sales processes and cycles had been affected by the pandemic. We asked a range of 50 commercial leaders in the Human Capital Management space what they thought. For 16 of the group, remote working had exposed some gaps in team capability which was concerning them. For […]

The war for talent is alive

February 22, 2021  /

Talent and Wellbeing are the two key areas of focus right now. This is according to leaders that we interviewed across both of our key sectors (HR and Sales), for the latest edition of our market snap shots. The next editions of the snap shots will likely be filled with information around what initiatives have […]

What a HR Rabbit hole!

February 4, 2021  /

  I have really enjoyed putting together this ¼’s HR Snap shot for the HR market place to enjoy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are some consistent challenges for HR departments right now. Interestingly, there are common themes when it comes to strategic initiatives too. All of this, plus much more is covered in the snap shot […]

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