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We were at a business coaching session the other month, again expertly delivered by Philippa Reader of Shirlaws.  The subject matter – the importance of taking action and embracing change.


Consider the scenario – the same scenario we were given.  You are a business owner/director/leader/manager of a team or department and there is an action or change you need to take/make.  Imagine your business or team in 6 months if you don’t make that change…a significant impact?…an uncomfortable feeling?…probably not, if you take a similar stance to our group – 6 months is not a long time.  But consider the impact 1,2,5 or 10 years down the line, or rather consider the success of your business 5 years down the line in the context of making the change and not making the change.  For me, considering my own business goals, that was uncomfortable and motivating at the same time – in essence, taking the time to consider the impact of not taking action, really helped to cement the need for action.  A powerful sentiment!

Pip went on to provide us with a model of how to take action or implement change successfully – brilliant and fundamental, as changes that aren’t successful are often costly!

So what does this have to do with recruitment and more specifically the service that Andrew James Recruitment provides? At the larger company end of the scale, we are regularly talking to senior managers and directors who need to increase their head count to deliver to their departments objectives.  The impact of getting a hire wrong is recognised and time is something we all need more of. Another key part of our offering is supporting ambitious small and medium size enterprises as they take the brave steps forward, further populating their business for growth.  We are regularly speaking with company directors/owners/leaders who need to invest in the future and grow, and who have identified that this growth will be achieved through recruiting people.  With some mindful thinking as described above however, the impact of hesitation and losing time on a hire is potentially even more costly. Its our suspicion that using the technique above would result in many removing hesitations and pushing on with that new hire, recognising that if they don’t, things will not change and goals will not be reached. If you remove it all, what is stopping you pushing forward and hiring the person to help you grow – look deep and its usually just, you.


That’s where we come in.  Our commercial understanding allows us to recognise the importance of the decision you are about to take and we take our role as a recruitment partner to any business very seriously, as the clients who have made that jump with our support would testify, I’m sure.

We remove the time consideration and do the background work for you meaning the action can start with a simple investment of a briefing meeting with us.  So, if you are thinking about actioning your growth plan or know that you have to recruit people to deliver to your strategic goals either from a company perspective or as a manager within part of a larger organisation, we’d love to be a part of that journey. We understand where you are and the emotions your are feeling. We are privately owned and managed – we are in the same boat!

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