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Starting a recruitment process in December – Madness, or actually, quite sensible?

November 30, 2023  /

  As we approach December, many would be forgiven for thinking that now is not the best time start a recruitment process. On the face of it, at this time of year, that would make sense. I have come to expect (and enjoy) the inevitable slow down that comes around Christmas, as we get closer […]

Head of Administration – New Retained Appointment

October 18, 2022  /

Andrew James Specialist Recruitment is delighted to be retained by Grenke Leasing in the UK, to manage the search for, and assist with the selection of a new Head of Administration.   Headquartered in Guildford, Surrey, GRENKE Leasing is a specialist Sales Aid Leasing company. Grenke partner globally with many leading equipment manufacturers and resellers […]

Solve your cost of living crisis by moving jobs? Yes, but …

July 6, 2022  /

Everyone is very aware of the cost of living crisis and it is fair to say that we are all feeling the pinch. Inflation is at 9% (likely to be 11%) and as an inevitable consequence, individuals are looking to earn as much as they can. At Andrew James Recruitment Specialist Recruitment, we see this […]

Is CIPD qualification essential when it comes to landing the number 1 jobs in HR?

March 15, 2022  /

  An interesting debate, and one that is not straight forward to answer with a simple yes or no. I constantly observe trends from managing processes and I enjoy collecting data from filling requisitions. Over this last ¼, we have delivered to 4 ‘top jobs’ in HR. By top jobs, I am talking about roles […]

Forced to work from home again? Top tips to boost your energy and productivity

January 17, 2021  /

My two worlds connect in many ways – both have deep interests in performance. As a recruitment business owner, but also a certified personal trainer, here are some top tips that will ensure your day is full of energy and productivity when working from home.   Hydration: We are two thirds water. So, we are […]

Inducting someone? Or starting a new job during lock down? What to expect ….

April 30, 2020  /

  Over the last few weeks, I have taken some time to catch up with people that I have placed into new roles, which have started during lock down. It is not new to check in with people, but it has been fascinating to see how the lock down has influenced induction for employers and […]

It will bounce back and bounce back well!

April 15, 2020  /

  Yesterday the OBR reported some fairly dire predictions for the UK economy. Predictions that business owners were expecting and predictions that will bring challenges for the year ahead and possibly beyond.  The recruitment marketplace is currently impacted and of course, will continue to be impacted – these are challenging times, but there is light! […]

Some positives that I am seeing, that may make organisations stronger after COVID19 (home working)

April 1, 2020  /

  So the world is a pretty crazy place right now. We are indeed in the middle of a National Emergency and the priority has to be to protect the NHS and save lives. Business and economy will have to recover another day, and it will. However, I think it is important in these difficult […]

Struggling putting together your cv? Try my 3,4,5 rule and see if it delivers results:

January 31, 2020  /
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

It’s that time of year when many of you will be putting together or updating your cv’s. And it is surprisingly difficult when you come to put pen to paper isn’t it. It’s hard to know how much detail to go into. What information should you provide? How can you possibly get everything that you […]

6 tips taken from my exercise knowledge to boost energy, performance and productivity in the office

May 16, 2018  /
exercise productivity

As many of you know, outside of recruitment I have a huge passion for exercise, health and wellbeing. When I am not recruiting I am training, playing sport, or reading about health, exercise science and nutrition. My two worlds connect in some ways – both are interested in performance. As a qualified personal trainer and […]

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