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Cash (base salary) is super important in this market – here is why..

April 27, 2022  /

  Everyone knows that the market is both strong and challenging (depending on what side of the fence you fall) right now. If you are looking for a role, then, generally speaking, there is opportunity. If you are hiring, then it is tough. Candidates have lots of choice and often end up with multiple offers. […]

How has home working affected sales processes and cycles?

April 14, 2021  /

  It has it been fascinating to learn how sales processes and cycles had been affected by the pandemic. We asked a range of 50 commercial leaders in the Human Capital Management space what they thought. For 16 of the group, remote working had exposed some gaps in team capability which was concerning them. For […]

Will the pandemic change the “do I, don’t I work in London conundrum”?

March 11, 2021  /

It was very clear from our latest HR snapshot that most employers are looking to adopt some sort of hybrid / flexible working pattern after the pandemic. I observe this with interest and wonder how this will affect job seekers decision making when it comes to a conundrum that was very prevalent before the pandemic. […]

The war for talent is alive

February 22, 2021  /

Talent and Wellbeing are the two key areas of focus right now. This is according to leaders that we interviewed across both of our key sectors (HR and Sales), for the latest edition of our market snap shots. The next editions of the snap shots will likely be filled with information around what initiatives have […]

It will bounce back and bounce back well!

April 15, 2020  /

  Yesterday the OBR reported some fairly dire predictions for the UK economy. Predictions that business owners were expecting and predictions that will bring challenges for the year ahead and possibly beyond.  The recruitment marketplace is currently impacted and of course, will continue to be impacted – these are challenging times, but there is light! […]

Top 5 tips for delivering a winning presentation at an interview

October 11, 2019  /
psychology of performance in sales

When it comes to Sales recruitment, it is exceptionally rare to see a process where a presentation is not required at some stage in the process. The 3 most commonly requested presentations are to ‘present your 30, 60 and 90 day plan’, ‘present to us on your current product portfolio’ or to ‘present for 15 […]

The Art of Good Leadership

March 29, 2019  /  James Barrett
art of good leadership

Here we are on the 29th March. The date that the country has been looking to ever since the UK voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016. Well, it’s here and we haven’t left yet! Whatever your view, it’s clear that the process in the UK has been a debacle. We thought it […]

Competing to Win the Best Candidate

March 5, 2019  /  Andrew James
competing to win the best candidate

We all know that people need to compete hard to win your job, but you also need to compete, to be sure of landing the best candidate. The interview is the place where competitions are won or lost.   Planting Seeds   Plan to answer candidate questions fully in an engaged way, selling them something […]

Always Review CVs Before Interviewing

February 18, 2019  /  Andrew James
CV interviewing

The time you spend with a candidate is precious and short. If you don’t know what’s on their CV, chances are that you’ll ask questions that simply see them regurgitate things you’d already know if you’d done your homework. ‘OK, can you just run me through your CV?’.   Read the CV three times   […]

The Counter-Offer. Deal or No Deal?

January 30, 2019  /  Andrew James
counter offer

The January Blues   This is the time of year when you feel it. You’re not happy. Things at work are niggling at you. Or you’re happy, but underpaid so you feel undervalued. Your bonus has come and gone and the new year is brimming with opportunity.   Push and Pull   Think about which […]

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