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Cash (base salary) is super important in this market – here is why..

April 27, 2022  /

  Everyone knows that the market is both strong and challenging (depending on what side of the fence you fall) right now. If you are looking for a role, then, generally speaking, there is opportunity. If you are hiring, then it is tough. Candidates have lots of choice and often end up with multiple offers. […]

Becoming an HRD | Lessons from recent interviews – Part 2 – Experience choices

April 1, 2022  /

  As I complete on the delivery to a retained campaign to hire a Global Group HR Director for one of my favourite clients, I am left reflecting on how brilliant it has been to talk to a very impressive range of HR Directors throughout the process. It has been a privilege to talk to […]

Becoming a HRD | Lessons from recent interviews – Part 1

March 24, 2022  /

As I complete on the delivery to retained search to hire a HRD, I am left reflecting on how brilliant it has been to again talk to a very impressive pool of HR Directors. The process has given me the opportunity to talk to some of the most senior HR professionals and I always feel […]

Recruiting into your HR Team in 2022 – what to expect

February 10, 2022  /

The HR recruitment market is buoyant right now. It is noticeable that there is good levels of new opportunity being created by the marketplace. At the same time, there is a lot of movement. The pandemic has made many reflect. Some have made radical changes, we have seen early retirement and people leaving the profession […]

A resourcing crisis! One of the findings from our latest HR Snap shot – what is happening out there?

August 5, 2021  /

It is fascinating and encouraging to see how businesses have moved from a state of hibernation 12 months ago, to an ‘all systems go’ state now. 12 months ago, HR Leaders were dealing with lock downs and all that came with it. The most common concern and consideration for many HR leaders now, seems to be […]

The Accelerated Adoption of Digital HR

July 5, 2021  /

Our next HR snap shot is out next week. We interview 50 HR leaders each 1/4 to learn about their focuses, key issues and plans. The snap shot identifies trends and reports back on findings, giving the HR community we hope a unique insight to current considerations and a useful thought leadership tool. This issue […]

Will the pandemic change the “do I, don’t I work in London conundrum”?

March 11, 2021  /

It was very clear from our latest HR snapshot that most employers are looking to adopt some sort of hybrid / flexible working pattern after the pandemic. I observe this with interest and wonder how this will affect job seekers decision making when it comes to a conundrum that was very prevalent before the pandemic. […]

The war for talent is alive

February 22, 2021  /

Talent and Wellbeing are the two key areas of focus right now. This is according to leaders that we interviewed across both of our key sectors (HR and Sales), for the latest edition of our market snap shots. The next editions of the snap shots will likely be filled with information around what initiatives have […]

What a HR Rabbit hole!

February 4, 2021  /

  I have really enjoyed putting together this ¼’s HR Snap shot for the HR market place to enjoy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are some consistent challenges for HR departments right now. Interestingly, there are common themes when it comes to strategic initiatives too. All of this, plus much more is covered in the snap shot […]

3 tips to help you land that HR role, in a more competitive market

August 19, 2020  /

There is no denying it, the last few months have been tough.   There is apprehension about a second wave and things are not back to normal, but there has been a return of some activity in the market over the last month or so. It felt great for me ( almost normal!) to complete […]

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