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Will the pandemic change the “do I, don’t I work in London conundrum”?

March 11, 2021  /

It was very clear from our latest HR snapshot that most employers are looking to adopt some sort of hybrid / flexible working pattern after the pandemic. I observe this with interest and wonder how this will affect job seekers decision making when it comes to a conundrum that was very prevalent before the pandemic. […]

The war for talent is alive

February 22, 2021  /

Talent and Wellbeing are the two key areas of focus right now. This is according to leaders that we interviewed across both of our key sectors (HR and Sales), for the latest edition of our market snap shots. The next editions of the snap shots will likely be filled with information around what initiatives have […]

What a HR Rabbit hole!

February 4, 2021  /

  I have really enjoyed putting together this ¼’s HR Snap shot for the HR market place to enjoy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are some consistent challenges for HR departments right now. Interestingly, there are common themes when it comes to strategic initiatives too. All of this, plus much more is covered in the snap shot […]

3 tips to help you land that HR role, in a more competitive market

August 19, 2020  /

There is no denying it, the last few months have been tough.   There is apprehension about a second wave and things are not back to normal, but there has been a return of some activity in the market over the last month or so. It felt great for me ( almost normal!) to complete […]

Inducting someone? Or starting a new job during lock down? What to expect ….

April 30, 2020  /

  Over the last few weeks, I have taken some time to catch up with people that I have placed into new roles, which have started during lock down. It is not new to check in with people, but it has been fascinating to see how the lock down has influenced induction for employers and […]

5 quick fixes that employers can make to instantly become a more attractive employer (without spending money)

November 12, 2019  /

  I am proud to work with a range of businesses. Across a variety of sectors, I support household name brands, as well as ambitious SME’s as they look to attract talent. Consequently, I will deliver offers of employment to candidates on pretty much a daily basis. I see first-hand what people’s responses are to […]

Getting to the Truth

May 7, 2019  /  James Barrett
getting to the truth with your candidate

Today we live in a world where it’s quite common to be advised that it’s ‘company policy’ to ‘only provide a confirmation of role and dates of employment’. Therefore, it’s more challenging and important than ever to really understand who the candidate is and what they can achieve for your business! So how do you […]

8 Interesting and Unusual Job Interview Questions

April 8, 2019  /  James Barrett
interview questions

  We’ve all been in a job interview and felt under pressure to answer the questions put to us. But what if you’re completely thrown by a question that you’d never expect to be asked? This week we’ve been comparing some of the most unusual interview questions that we’ve heard.   Stress Questions   A […]

The Art of Good Leadership

March 29, 2019  /  James Barrett
art of good leadership

Here we are on the 29th March. The date that the country has been looking to ever since the UK voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016. Well, it’s here and we haven’t left yet! Whatever your view, it’s clear that the process in the UK has been a debacle. We thought it […]

Is Technology Changing the Recruitment Industry?

March 22, 2019  /  James Barrett
technology in recruitment

In a world where technology is constantly moving at a fast pace, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and easy to think that everybody is taking advantage. When it comes to CVs, occasionally we are impressed by a candidate’s use of technology to enhance their document, whether that be through […]

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