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Is Technology Changing the Recruitment Industry?

March 22, 2019  /  James Barrett
technology in recruitment

In a world where technology is constantly moving at a fast pace, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and easy to think that everybody is taking advantage. When it comes to CVs, occasionally we are impressed by a candidate’s use of technology to enhance their document, whether that be through […]

Competing to Win the Best Candidate

March 5, 2019  /  Andrew James
competing to win the best candidate

We all know that people need to compete hard to win your job, but you also need to compete, to be sure of landing the best candidate. The interview is the place where competitions are won or lost.   Planting Seeds   Plan to answer candidate questions fully in an engaged way, selling them something […]

Top Tips for Interviewing Well

February 26, 2019  /  Andrew James
interview tips

Interviewing is an art, a science and a craft. Giving a great candidate experience means listening actively and letting the conversation flow while making sure that the important aspects are covered. A tall order? These interview tips will help you along.   Be early – Be ready   If your interview starts at 11:00, block […]

Always Review CVs Before Interviewing

February 18, 2019  /  Andrew James
CV interviewing

The time you spend with a candidate is precious and short. If you don’t know what’s on their CV, chances are that you’ll ask questions that simply see them regurgitate things you’d already know if you’d done your homework. ‘OK, can you just run me through your CV?’.   Read the CV three times   […]

The Counter-Offer. Deal or No Deal?

January 30, 2019  /  Andrew James
counter offer

The January Blues   This is the time of year when you feel it. You’re not happy. Things at work are niggling at you. Or you’re happy, but underpaid so you feel undervalued. Your bonus has come and gone and the new year is brimming with opportunity.   Push and Pull   Think about which […]

How to Optimise your CV for the Perfect Sales Role

January 10, 2019  /
Optimise your CV

A great CV makes all the difference when you’re searching for the perfect sales role. But what do recruiters really look for when screening CVs? How can you optimise your CV so that it makes you stand out? Short-term CV fixes   Start off by demonstrating clearly that you make good career decisions and have […]

The Most Important Qualities of a HR Professional

December 13, 2018  /
Qualities of HR Professional

It should be no surprise that HR has evolved. Modern day HR practice is very different to what it was 10 years ago. No longer is the corporate people management function about ‘Personnel’. It is now viewed as People Management and Human Resources Management. In the modern marketplace, there’s lots of specialisation in roles, which […]

The Importance of Face-to-Face Recruitment in the Digital Age

November 30, 2018  /
Face-to-face Recruitment

There’s a lot of talk in recruitment about Artificial Intelligence short-listing, algorithms that find buzzwords in CVs, and Skype or FaceTime interviews. I can see why. I use appropriate technology all the time. Still, recruiters look for efficiencies, encouraging their people to do more phone interviews, saving costs on interview rooms, physical office locations and […]

6 tips taken from my exercise knowledge to boost energy, performance and productivity in the office

May 16, 2018  /
exercise productivity

As many of you know, outside of recruitment I have a huge passion for exercise, health and wellbeing. When I am not recruiting I am training, playing sport, or reading about health, exercise science and nutrition. My two worlds connect in some ways – both are interested in performance. As a qualified personal trainer and […]

Top 5 General Tips for Writing your Sales CV

January 10, 2018  /

  January is a time when many think about looking for a new role and many of you will be now working on updating your CV. We see hundreds of CV’s and have the benefit of seeing firsthand what employers like and dislike about resume’s. To help you see the best results from the applications […]

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