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The war for talent is alive

Talent and Wellbeing are the two key areas of focus right now. This is according to leaders that we interviewed across both of our key sectors (HR and Sales), for the latest edition of our market snap shots.

The next editions of the snap shots will likely be filled with information around what initiatives have been rolled out around mental health. When it comes to talent, there were noticeable differences with the drivers, which leads us to in the medium term, be very optimistic.

Businesses that have been negatively impacted by Covid, are seriously concerned about the Talent that they are losing. They are working in a restricted cash / reward landscapes right now and they are facing uncertainty, they are losing people. Talent it seems, where they can, is moving on to businesses that are operating in sectors that are perceived to be more Covid safe and future proof. As things bounce back, this could leave affected businesses short. This is an area of immediate focus. Importantly, affected businesses also recognise that they will need to work very hard to attract talent in better times.

For others, on the other side of the coin, this is an opportunity. For businesses that can grow, bringing in some exceptional talent from recognised but affected brands is increasingly a top priority (particularly at a Senior Leadership level). It was evident that this was starting to happen in a structured way.

The war for Talent is as alive, and the wolves are circling. What an interesting balance!

Add on to this the sense that there was there was a lot of pent-up demand, combined with increased confidence that there will be a degree of normality in the medium term now with the vaccine roll out going as well as it is, as a recruiter observing this dynamic you cannot help but think that this points to a strong professional market place soon.

Watch this space.

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